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Customize your strategy
Interactive community
Live market examples
Live coaching sessions
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Trading On Your Terms

Different lifestyles require different trading approaches. With these four principles, we'll teach you how to create a profitable strategy.

Proven Trading Model

The Blueprint is a result of nearly a decade of live market trading. Success is the reason it exists.

Bulletproof Mindset

With our system you will learn to trade without hesitation or doubt, allowing you to thrive as a trader.

Tailor-made Strategy

The most successful traders don't learn a strategy, they learn how to make it their own.

Community Driven

Successful traders aren't just the result. They're the driving force for our continuous improvement.

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Course Details

The Core Components To Our Blueprint

Module 1

Mindset and Expectations

  • The Key To Successful Trading

  • A traders timeline

  • The S.H.O. success model

  • The universal fix

Module 2

Forex For Beginners

  • What Is Forex?

  • Types Of Traders

  • Market Analysis

  • Becoming Rich Through Forex

Module 3

Candlesticks and Basics

  • Support And Resistance

  • Multi Timeframe Analysis

  • Chart Patterns

  • Essential Trading Tools

Module 4

Market Structure

  • Highs And Lows

  • Moment Shifts

  • Past And Current Structure

  • Creation

Module 5

Wick Placement

  • Exact Highs And Lows

  • Indication

  • Confirmation

  • Live Market Trading

Module 6


  • Overall Trading Plan

  • Timeframe & Market Bias

  • Determining Direction

  • Breakouts And Retracements

Module 7


  • Confirmation Of Entry

  • Entry Timeframes

  • Counter Candles

  • Multiple Entry Opportunities

Module 8


  • Protecting Your Equity

  • Appropriate Positioning

  • Maximizing Profit

  • Setting And Achieving Goals

Module 9


  • Defining Your Direction

  • Defining Your Entry

  • Defining Your Exit

  • Creating Your Flowchart

Module 10


  • The Importance Of Data

  • Mitigating Emotions

  • Purposefully Backtesting

  • Past vs Present Performance

Module 11


  • Three Ways To Grow Your Account

  • Capital Requirements

  • Determining Your Horizon

  • Going Full Time

Module 12

The Finale

  • Looking Back

  • The Last Lesson

  • Final Words

  • One Last Bonus

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From being stuck in the outskirts of Canada to living on the coast of Spain Tyler was able to change his life through forex.

Now, with nearly a decade of professional trading experience, he has successfully coached hundreds of students.

These experiences enabled Tyler to learn exactly what set apart his top students, allowing him to create "The Blueprint".

Together with TFXC, it is his mission to create a new wave of Forex professionals. One successful trader at a time.

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Looking For Answers?

Have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions below:

How long will it take before I see serious results?

With our course, envision yourself making your first profitable trades in just 30 days, and becoming a successful trader in 4 to 6 months.

Is This Basically SMC?

No, it’s not. Rather than chasing trends like SMC, our course emphasizes the importance of your unique trading process. We empower you with critical skills, shifting the focus from following trends to becoming the trendsetter in your own successful trading journey.

What can I expect to receive if I purchase this course?

Our course offers a transformative trading experience, simplifying market structure, and providing an easy-to-execute strategy. It guides you to create your own strategy, manage emotions, and even start trading with just $100, transforming you into a confident, successful trader.

Is Forex for women?

Forex trading is indeed for women! In an industry where strategy and execution reign supreme, women are making their mark, outperforming norms, and rewriting the narrative.

If you can make a living from trading, why are you selling this course?

We're offering this course not just to teach, but to revolutionize Forex education. Despite our success in trading, we're driven to shift the narrative, break the cycle of losses, and empower a new wave of successful Forex traders! To prove this point members of The Forex Complex can even receive this course for free!


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Finally stop blowing your accounts trading Gold

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