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Ana Pericao

“Great group for beginners, people from the support chat and the community group are always available to help and are always looking forward to making money together. Really great for learning and improve profira and strategy every week.”

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How Do We Keep Our Community Free?

We believe that everyone should be able to find success in trading, regardless of their location or financial situation.

We understand that money is meant for trading and because of that we started looking into options on how we can offer traders free access to our community.

We found that some of the largest, award-winning, trading platforms wanted to work with us and cover our expenses if we referred our members to them.

We consider these partnerships a win-win situation as it allows all parties to benefit from each other. Over the past few years we’ve successfully welcomed over 4.000 members to our channel without charging them a single penny!

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We have a full team of professional traders who share their own trades on a daily basis. Our service doesn’t stop there though, we also offer access to our educational material such as, e-books and courses and we have an interactive community channel in which you can chat with thousands of other traders from around the world.

By partnering up with some of the largest and award-winning trading platforms we’ve managed to keep our services completely free of charge!

Trading With The Forex Complex

  • Copy, paste and profit with our free trading ideas
  • Learn from our 10+ hour trading video course
  • Interact with thousands of traders worldwide
  • Ask our 1 on 1 support team any question
  • Trade together during weekly live-streams

Trading By Yourself

  • Spend countless of hours behind charts
  • Make mistakes which could have been avoided
  • Trade without a strategy or trading plan
  • Lose thousands before seeing your first profits
  • Face all of your challenges alone

10+ Hour Trading Course

Become a member Of The Forex Complex today and automatically receive free access to our trading course, The Blueprint, which boasts over 10 hours of video footage.

This course was specifically designed to help both new and experienced traders take their trading to the next level by giving them a step-by-step guide on how they can create their very own strategy and avoid all beginner mistakes, saving them thousands in the process.

With our trading course you will learn to trade without hesitation or doubt, allowing you to thrive as a trader.

  • Module 1: Mindset (10 videos)
  • Module 2: Forex for beginners (8 videos)
  • Module 3: Candlesticks (8 videos)
  • Module 4: Market Structure (8 videos)
  • Module 5: Wick Placement (8 videos)
  • Module 6: Direction (7 videos)
  • Module 7: Entry (6 videos)
  • Module 8: Exit (5 videos)
  • Module 9: Define (6 videos)
  • Module 10: Data (6 videos)
  • Module 11: Delivery (5 videos)
  • Module 12: The Finale (1 video)

What is The Forex Complex?

  • Created in 2021 we now have a community of over 100.000 members world wide
  • We have a team of five traders who share their own trading setups every day
  • Together our traders have over 30 years of trading experience combined
  • We cover almost every market (Currencies, Commodities, Crypto)
  • We aim to help you navigate through the world of Forex by providing you with reliable forex signals,strategy guidance and risk management tips
  • By basing our business model on affiliation, we have managed to keep our services 100% free!
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Looking for answers?

We’ve written out some of our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Yes, anyone can trade with our community. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been active in the markets for one day or one year. We’ve made sure that our trades are easy to follow and that our explanations are easy to understand.

We have partnerships with some of the largest, award-winning trading platforms worldwide. In order to access our trading ideas we require traders to use these platforms to trade with. We believe that this model of doing business ultimately benefits everyone the most.

Becoming a member of The Forex Complex will allow you to start taking profitable trades the same day you’ve joined.

We offer a ton of educational material and strongly recommend you to focus on more than just making trades. Using these resources will significantly fasttrack your trading journey and save you a lot of both time and money in the long run!

The Forex markets have a daily turnover of more than 6.6 TRILLION dollars. Even if our community would grow to a million members our combined resources wouldn’t impact the price of the instruments we’re trading much.

Yes, the number one benefit traders experience when they join our community is how much time our trading ideas save them. Instead of struggling hours every day to find consistency in your trading you can use our work to start trading with a proven strategy.

No, we are not financial advisors. Trading forex can be risky and the reward can be great. Because of this it is very important you properly manage your risk and decide whether you want to follow our trades one on one or use them as a part of your trading strategy.