The Forex Complex

Frequently asked questions

Down below you will find some of the questions we receive the most

Other signal providers require a monthly fee for their signals, how can yours be free?

Our business model is based on affiliation. This means that we work closely together with a recommended broker. In order to access our premium group we require traders to use this broker. This benefits both us and the trader as we have close lines with the broker and can help wherever needed!

How can I join the premium group?

To join our premium group you can contact our 24/7 live Telegram support @TheForexComplex. There we will further explain the proces and walk you through it!

If I join your free or premium group how do I receive the signals?

We send out our signals every day between 09:00 and 20:00 GMT in both our free and premium telegram groups.

What benefits does your premium group offer?

In our premium group we will send up to eight(!) times as many signals as in our free group. Besides that we also offer useful guides about topics such as risk management and we provide members of premium group with priority 24/7 live support

What starting balance do I need to start trading forex?

One of the main benefits of trading forex is the little amount of capital needed to start. You can succesfully start trading forex with as little as $300.

What lot size and leverage should I use?

The lot size and leverage you trade with are completely up to you. If you’re not sure about what best suits you then you can always check out our free PDF. In this free PDF we  explain how you can best get started with trading forex!

Can The Forex Complex offer me some financial advice?

No, we are NOT financial advisors. Trading forex can be risky and the reward can be great. Because of this it is very important you properly manage you risk and decide wether you want to follow our signals one on one or use them as a part of your trading strategy.